Lord Of The Rings Elven Armor


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Wow, absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic price. Now I need to lose weight so I could pass for an elf. ;) :lol


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Originally posted by Lello999@Dec 3 2005, 02:43 AM
HI there

Does the colour match the UC helmet?

Thanks a lot


I get asked this question a lot by customers, and the answer is yes, customers who own the helmet and shield say the color is an appropriate match for the UC items. We will also be offering the cloak and kilt/pantaloons to match soon.

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having put one of these things together myself, its a pretty fair price for all the work involved. Good luck . Glad to see another elven armorour around .


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Wow, I'm incredibly impressed... if I ever get my sword made, I'd definitely have to start saving for a set of this to go with it.


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Nice job. Elven Armor is my next project, but I'm gonna be building this puppy myself. May be interested in the soft parts though.

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Thought I'd show off my 2nd age elven armor.

Elven Armor from Shadow Dale Creations

...and I thought I'd celebrate my "100th Post" by sharing the work YOU did & do on this Elven Armor project.
I remember when (way back "when") you were just drawing this out and, also, when you were making the first cuts on your prototype costume. Thanks for introducing me to everyone & everyTHING here at the RPF.


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Absolutely beautiful. It looks very close match to the UC stuff, I absolutely love it.. This is bound to be popular.

I've always loved the Elves, but it's only recently that I've realised I could actually make the armour. I've been on a bit of an armour kick lately, so I've decided to add the third age (helm's deep) armour to my to-do list :D