Looking for TMNT Communicator (OS) Sound File


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As the title would suggest, I've been looking everywhere for a sound file for the TMNT communicator from the original animated series. Anyone have any pointers? I once had a very grainy sound file long ago, but it was lost.

Thanks for any help. :)
I'm sure there's a much easier way to do this, but what I would do is find an episode on YouTube that features the Turtles using the Turtlecom. Then I would go to youtube-mp3.org to convert the video into a very decent mp3. After that, I'd take the mp3 into Quicktime and edit it down to just the Turtlecom sound effect and output it as a new mp3 or a WAV. Like I said, it would probably be easier to get the sound off the DVD using video/audio editing software, but that's out of my wheelhouse. Good luck!


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That's actually similar to what I had done before, but I didn't (and still don't!) know how to clean up the audio to just have the Turtlecom without any background noise. I had one pretty clean, but you could still hear the beginning of some background music at the end.
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