Looking for Specific type of Silicone Used


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I am very interested in sculpting my own figure from the nightmare before christmas and corpse bride and am curious on the type of foam silicone that they use to make their puppets. I have been buying stuff from www.bare-metal.com and they sell all kinds of modling material as well as silicone, but I would not know the right kind to get.

Any help would be much appreciated. The only description I get from reading about the puppets behind the scences is that the latex is baked and typicaly injected into the mold (but not in that order).


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Its a foam latex. If you want it to articulate like the ones in the movies its gonna require building the stopmotion armature inside. These are somewhat difficult to build, due to the precise metal cutting and drilling/tapping holes and etc. These kinds of little stopmotion figures can be quite exspensive to do or have someone do for you. If it doesn't have to be poseable just use Supersculpey. This way once you get the sculpture the way you want you just bake it on a low temp,it will harden and then paint it. Good luck :) and post pics when you get started. Theres plenty of talented sculptors here with a world of info to share. You can also try here: http://www.themonsterlab.com/


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well I am not really thinking of a fully functional puppet with the armature in it, but at least a metal "skeleton" to at least keep it together.

I'll keep the clay sculpty idea if I cannot aquire the right latex (is it really more of a silicone?).

I appreciate the input.


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No its pretty much the same foam latex used for prosthetic make ups.
The thing is that if you want a wire armature in it, it will have to with stand the baking process of the foam latex.
The puppets in corpse bride where made out of foam rubber and then silicone was applied to give it a smoother, more skin like quality. The clothes where made from actual cloth with foam rubber "shapes" for lack of better terms to make everything appear like it's being worn. All the tapering fabric, dresses, skirts, sleeves had small wires in them and were impregnated with silicone. Maybe this site will help. If you do sculpt these things out will you be making copies? :rolleyes :love

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