Looking For Pdf File For R2D2 Plans


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I recently joined Astromech.com to find the plans, but can't find any on there. I need pdf plans for the body and legs of R2D2. I only need the measurements and I can go from there, I don't really need templates. Please give me a link if you have one availalbe. Thank you.


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I don't know if the plans are still on the yahoo group... From what I understand they are in the process now of migrating the plans from yahoo and putting them on astromech.net

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Did you sign up to the Yahoo site? It takes 24hours or more before all the files appear. They are there. Appeared for me today.

Styrene or aluminium/metal?

As Halifax said, they are apparently moving the files, but no idea when....

Johnny Darko

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hey SirJedi, hope this helps............ ScaleCalculations2.jpg


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I just checked the R2 Builders yahoo group. The files are all there. Body files, pdfs, even 3d stuff.
Even inner and outer skin files, for those of you making two layer skins out of 1 mm sintra or aluminum sheets.

Once you are in the group look for the line of choices below the yahoo search bar.
I promised I would not share the files when I joined. So please don't ask me to post.
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