Looking for Farscape Prowler Reference


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I have the Howling Wolf Prowler kit, and construction is all done, but I'm looking for some reference shots for paint scheme

anybody have anything?

an ortho would be great
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I just lost out on one on Ebay today.
I'll look around my farscape mags for some good pics when I get them from storage.


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Jack! that rocks

Thanks so much!

@ nonner

it's a big BIG kit. It's been sitting on the shelf for a while, while I went through the directions. Have your tiniest drill bits and a print out of the directions nearby, as it takes a little decifering to assemble the piping and weapons pod sections correctly. You don't have to worry about too much in the way of puttying, but CA epoxy is your friend, and you will cuss many times as you pull the fingers you just glued to the model off of it....
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well, seeing as I haven't been able to locate much in the way of Prowler reference online, I have been going through the first couple of seasons of Farscape and screencapping everything that's relevant to getting this kit painted properly

I will post them all here as soon as I get finished
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