Looking for Davy Jones pics

Darth Cross

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So far I'm not having too much luck finding any really good pics of Davy Jones from PotC2. Any pics or links to sites would really be a big help. Thanks in advance for the help (and for not making any "old-timer" jokes for remembering the TV show :D ).



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That show is funny as hell.

This week's Entertainment Weekly
has a really good picture of him.

I left it at work or I'd scan it.


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There is a very nice full body shot of him on one of the posters. I dont remember seeing the poster out but Ive seen the artwork for it. Keep an eye out for it. It has been released to media outlets.


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Mike for the love of Pete, quit hotlinking to their site, they don't like it.... we won't even get into the fact that i'm sure quite a few people here can't read German... Quit being lazy and just save the picture then post it here through Imageshack or Photobucket or one of those sites.... ;) :D

And the only reason I'm picking on you is that this isn't the first time you've done this.....


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Thats the one. The full body shot about half way down. I have a 6mb version of it but that one shows everything there is to see.