Looking for AT-AT Pic

AT-AT Luvah

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I've only seen this pic once and I should have saved it, but didn't.

It's a picture of George Lucas and, I believe, Akira Kurosawa, standing in front of the crashed AT-AT model.

Anybody have this scanned that could post or PM?

It's a great pic and I'd like to have it for my ever-growing AT-AT reference library.




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Are you looking for pics of the crashed AT-AT or just this particular photo for your collection? I have pics of the large scale crashed AT-AT from MSI if you need those.

AT-AT Luvah

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Thanks, darienvader. That would be great.

The purpose of this thread was to find that specific pic, but I'd love any pictures you have of the large-scale crashed AT-AT.

I don't have good reference pics of that model.




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"So anyway Akira, this is the Moco rig..."

"And when this bit moves backwards real fast..."

"but Mr George, you promissed me to see the AT-AT"

"oh okay...well - here's the AT-AT..."

"But Mr George, can I please see your AT-AT in color"

"oh okay, well...here's the AT-AT moco rig in colour"

"and when this bit moves back real fast, you see it...

"...Mr George, I am bored of your AT-AT - I demand a gift from you"

"ahh gee Akira, I don't have any money left after Empire, but Francis brought you this"

"yes, this is amazing, it's the best thing ever...it's..."

"a Polaroid camera."

"I don't understand Mr George, Mr Francis...what is your magic camera?"

"It's a polaroid.." "Instant...like coffee"

"aaaahhhh...like american foreign policy yes...Paranoid...yes"

Thanks to putfile and corbis

AT-AT Luvah

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This is way too awesome. Thanks so much. I've never seen but one of these pictures.

How do you guys find these things?

Thanks for the hookup.



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LOL. That's too great. Awesome pics too.

Second pictures caption should have read, "Don't worry Akria. This movie is going to be MUCH better since I'm not directing it." :lol


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Wow. I didn't know Irvin Kershner could fly...

What other super powers does he have? (other than directing, of course. ;))

Great photos. It must have been fun for ole' George to show his hero all his new toys.

Rock on everybody.


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OMG, that is too friggin' funny to see how excited these GIANTS of the film industry are over a Polaroid camera.

I'm wondering, though, were Polaroids really new then? Didn't they come out a long time before these shots were taken (roughly '79)?

The Wook


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Amazing pictures. I have been SCOURING the internet for a photo of Spielberg talking to Lucas in Lucas' kitchen - it was a black and white photo taken when George invited a few friends up to screen Epiosde I at the ranch. I believe the pic ran in Entertainment Weekly or Premiere, and I can't find it ANYWHERE... Any ideas on where to look...


AT-AT Luvah

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That's way cool of you. I really, really appreciate it. Can't wait to meet you and have a chat with you on Saturday.

Willie: I remember seeing that pic, too. Wasn't it in Architectural Digest? I believe they are in his kitchen area and they are at a dinette table having dinner and it's a way cool picture. I'd be interested in a scan of that pic, too.

And, oh yeah, they do seem rather enthralled with the Polaroid, don't they? There's gotta be something more to it than that, though.


AT-AT Luvah

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That's famed director Akira Kurosawa. Lucas has long cited 'Seven Samurai' and 'Hidden Fortress' as big influences for Star Wars. Both were Kurosawa films.

Kurosawa visited Lucas and got to see the ESB model miniatures.



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[qwesome photos. Thank you very much for posting them.

I think there is another photo of that Akira guy next to the ATAT in a German movie magazin called "Cinema". I have one at home, but I will not be home til x-mas... :(

Someone else here may have that magazin? I think it was on one of the first pages of the Return Of The Jedi edition.



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Originally posted by AT-AT Luvah@Sep 21 2005, 03:15 AM
Agreed.  I love when people share the wealth.

These are awesome pictures.  HAL9000, where did you get these pics?


HAL9000 acquired the photos through http://pro.corbis.com, an industry stock photography site. I say industry because the cost for each photo is astronomical. I prefer to use itsockphoto.com for my work, though they don't have the kind of inventory Corbis does. Just check out their site and do a search for George Lucas or whatever you're in need of . . . then check the price out. Yow-ming...

Here are the other pics I have in low-res:


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