Loki Variant Jacket


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So ordered the fxm jacket in pink. I chose this because it was light enough that dye remover could get it close to white.
mans it was on sale
Removed the color.. check!
Dyed it Chocolate brown with rit dye. Check!
Washed and dried it. Check.
I think it looks pretty good for a close enough.
Don’t know why but the dye was somewhat blotchy so I’m running it through a hot wash again to see if I can even it out. If not I can always redye.
the pics are from what it looked like to what it is now.
not the best pics and I know I know tie dye shirt and board shorts hahaha

thinking of lightly waxing the jacket to get a slight sheen to it.

What size did you get it in? I'm thinking that FXN jacket is the closest I've seen as well.


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I couldn’t see a relevant thread but has anyone gotten ideas on what shoes he’s wearing?
They just look like Black or very dark brown (toys show black shoes but who knows if that's screen accurate) plain toe oxfords.
I can't make out any defining characteristics aside from not being a cap toe and having 4 lace holes which is kind of generic.

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