Link, The legend of Zelda Twilight princess (pic heavy)


Its been a while since i posted something here regarding my link Cosplay.

A year ago i finished my first version, when i made that costume my sewing skills weren't that good (and i did not had a sword :p)

So i decided to remake it.
I made everything except the chainmail.

i recycled the old version to a zombie version.

here a the foto's, first a some shots from my version 1 and then some progress pics of version 2 and my last fotoshoot.

progress version 2,

fotoshoot version 2:

And last my zombie version :D,

For more pictures you can look on my deviant art, Bharam on deviantART


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Great job on the Link costume! Love the pictures too. The Twilight Princess is my favorite version of his costume.