Lil help needed - antique looking labels?


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I am working on a "monster killing kit" as a side project, and I managed to find some awesome little glass bottles. I also found some awesome little corks that fit.

I did not, however, find awesome little rubber stoppers like I hoped :(

These are pretty small, but I was wondering if someone knew where to get some antique looking labels for them? Blank would be fine, or with some nice handwriting (I write like a one legged chicken scratches).

Just kinda stumped. Here's a pic for some reference.


Looking for some label to go down the bottle, something where it shows what's in it.

Any ideas?
Crap, I was looking for antique labels, never occurred to me to try another word like vintage.

Checking out the links now :)

Heads up, you have an email headed your way PhoenixVader :)

Thanks guys!
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