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So, I moved to a new flat and have an extra room and plan or actually started my home theater. So I plan on some busts, my war machine on a dummy, and some movie posters and stuff. But I'm not doing a standard theater with seats, more like a living room kind of stuff. So I have a small couch, some extra comfortable chairs. And I want to make a special kind of table, some kind of movie prop. Now I thought about a Jan in carbonite, but full scale is too big for The room. maybe in 1:2 scale. So far that's my only idea, and I would like to have some options.
So tell me what you think would make a great (small) table

I'm overall a big movie fan, if I had to specify on something, hero movies over all (batman etc) and sci-fi overall (star wars etc) but definitely limited to that. Baeicly if you have an idea for some nearly flat prop with 1x1.5 m roughly I'm all ears :)
That's what I was thinking.

Could do a scaled Jabbas platform thing he sits on.

Scaled Arc of Covenant with glass top

Giant Grail Diary presented like a large open book

Or, scaled up Mouse-bot from the death star...

Just off the cuff, I'll think about it

Holographic chess table from the Millennium Falcon. Just shorter.

There are a few items on this link, but perhaps they won't go with your room decor.
Pimp Out Your Playstation 3 Pad with a Slave 1 Sofa and Other Star Wars Furniture - Techland - TIME.com

Thx for the ideas so far :) the one with the guns is not really my taste, also it seems not too stable with just 4 legs and a glass top. Also not a prop :) holographic chess table seems nice :) but maybe it will be too small, have to think about it.
The arc of covenant seems too high with the statues on top , because its a couch gable. Otherwise I love the idea, to bad its really high :( mousebot is also nice, ill consider that.
Grail diary would bee scaled too big I think, it wouldn't look to good I think. Jabbas platform is not totally my taste :) keep the ideas coming :)
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Instead of a specific prop, how about a themed coffee table/display case. You could build something that looks like a piece of equipment from the Death Star, but with a glass top so you could display hand props inside it. You could also build in some drawers for all those pesky remotes!
Okay, here's a strange thought... Since it needs to be coffee table height, that makes it a bit difficult, but...

Take the 12" Star Wars figures, and build a glass/acrylic walled/top diorama of the trash compactor scene from the death star? It's not really the prop as the table itself solution you were looking for, but I think it could be really neat!
Does the table have to be a prop itself? You could so a standard glass top table with a rececessed space under the glass and simply put props in it - normal table, but it displays props kinda like a shadow box or museum display kind of thing.
Yeah, a Han in carbonite scaled down as a low coffee table, use a single rectangular 'leg' in the centre with a base foot that covers about 50% of the table top to give it stability and that hovering effect.

Why not a very simple solution.

A table in the shape of the captain america shield or a giant Batman Logo.

Should be easy to make and with a good paint job it will be a nice eyecatcher. nOr you can even print the batman or Captain america shield and put it under glass



Wow The First batman Table looks awesome :) I also like the waste disposal idea from star wars, although its probably hard to get the toys here in Austria :( also the cap shield is a nice idea, but only under glass because its not flat :) the yellow bat symbol is to bright for my taste, especially for a theater room :) I don't really like the wood one, dk why
also I don't really fancy small props put together just for display i need either 1 big prop or more small ones that fit together and tell a story (like gthe garbage crushed idea :)
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