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hey everyone

I'm new here, but I'm an old Star Wars fan. I'm so looking forward to ep7!
I can now watch this with my daughter and it's going to be so special to have watched it as a kid and now with my own kid! =)

Besides collecting Star Wars stuff , I also dabble in a bit of scale modelling, and lately, am into Lego MOCs.
One of my favourite is the Probe Droid from Empire Strikes Back. It's menacing, it's mysterious but it doesn't seem to get enough attention through the stuff that is licenced and sold. So I decided I had to try a hand at making my own detailed and scaled Lego Probot.

It's challenging and I pretty much threw in the towel many times, but well, do or do not, there is no try. With Lego, there are challenges and limitations to getting the perfect proportions spot on, but here is the final result.

I hope fellow fans will approve of the build, more info of the process and the details of the lego droid, can be found in the "Update" section of the Lego Page. You can also find images this flickr album

In Lego Ideas, if a project gets enough "Support", Lego actually considers turning this into a proper Lego product.
So if you like what you see and would support the idea of this becoming a toy so that we can get it from the shops to build one, I sincerely appreciate all support that I can garner for this ProbeJect =).

You will need to head over to the link, create a Lego account and click support.
YEs, I know, it can be a hassle. So to all the kind strangers who help out, I am very very grateful.

may the force be with you all!

aka Dark Grey Matters
aka Icemann

ps. I hope im sharing this post in the right section.
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hi mod

i just moved this topic to a more appropriate section under "general modelling". Please advise how to close this one.
Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience. =(


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As far as I know there is already a Probe droid Collectors series on its way to shelves some time in 2015 can`t remember where I seen that though.
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