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I am left handed. As I am about to start work on a Rt handed holster for a costume, I was wondering what dominant left handed characters are out there. If the costume I am working on is right handed I don't "convert" it over to a southpaw. Right now the only two I can think of is Apollo from the first BSG and the toy/cartoon Storm Shadow.

Bonded Hawk

This could be a prelude to a new costume.


Arya Stark Game of Thrones
Tim Allen's Galaxy Quest
Lex and Lionel Luthor on Smallville
King Theoden LOTR
Kyle Raynor Green Lantern
Sheriff Bart Blazing Saddles
Brisco County Jr
Tuvok from Voyager
Commander Peter Quincy Taggart
Security Chief Micheal Garibaldi
The Rifleman
God is a lefty
Jenna Stannis from Blake's Seven
Wahlberg's Max Payne
Arya Game of Thrones
Bill Kill Bill
T-1000 Ambi?
Jolie Wanted
Pvt. Jackson Saving Private Ryan
John Sheridan B5's
Hell Boy
Marge Simpson
Ned Flanders
Apollo origional series BSG
Storm Shadow cartoon/action figure
John McClane
Captain Hook
Sundance Kid Robert Redford
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Not sure if this is relevant to the type of "characters" you're looking for, but John McClane in 'Die Hard' is a lefty.
I know Babydoll from Suckerpunch which I just finished up is lefty with her gun, which is awesome because I'm also a southpaw, but I don't think that's gonna help you much lol. It's unfortunate, there aren't enough lefty characters.
Just going to chime in that I'm a lefty but I fire a gun and play most sports right-handed. Go figure.

So how much lefty you talking about? Writing or everything?

Anyhow I'll contribute my favorite engineer from Zulu.
Yes I knew Apollo. Baby doll would not be a good idea, trust me. Didn't know about Link or John McClane.

I'm dominantly left handed and thought it would be nice to have everything on the "right" side for a change. I really liked having my swords with a left hand draw for my Storm Shadow costume. Just thought I would start this thread to see who and how many left handed costuming ideas we could come up with.
Many people think Billy the Kid was but it was a tintype photo which is reversed. He was right handed.

However, Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is left handed.
Added a few more to the list. I had hoped to have had a few more cooler characters. Bruce Willis is cool, but I have too much hair.

B5's John Sheridan is a lefty.


The T-1000 fires his Berreta (in the mall scene) with his left, he also drops the clip with his left and reloads. Which would mean the cop he took the gun from would have to be a lefty but then he later shoots with his right!! hhhaaaa, my head hurts.
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