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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by jvasilatos, Jun 16, 2006.

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    I forgot what type of resistor I used for LEDs on one of my buildups, and need more but can't tear open the other model to see what I had (if I could even read the microscopic text)... can someone let me know what is the recommended type of resistor for Radio Shack LEDs? Non blinking sub miniature (smallest kind...) need to use them for the engines on my Vader TIE.

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    3 triple A batteries powering 4 of these:


    3mm Red LED
    Model: 2760026 | Catalog #: 276-026

    Use with electronic devices. Typical MCD is 5.0. This 3mm Red LED has a typical wavelength of 700nm.

    * Size is T1 or 3mm
    * Red lens color
    * Viewing angle is 25°
    * 28mA (max)
    * Typical Voltage is 2.25, with a maximum voltage of 2.6V

    They have resistors on this page but I am not sure which I will need:


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    According to an LED resistance calculator I've got, you're going to need minimally a 1/8th watt 70 ohm resistor. Closest you're likely to come on the RShack site is 100 ohm 1/4 watt.

    Here's the resistor calculator you can use for other lighting projects:

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    Also I am assuming each will be wired individually to the red and black (called parallel) instead of the positive of one led wired to the negative of the next in series (called series). The general recomendation is to give each LED it's own resistor.
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    Thanks guys-

    I was able to get away with one resistor last time for two LED engine lights, I will go with your recommendation though and do one resistor per light this time.


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