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Anybody remember this gem of a movie? Total drive-in level movie trying to cash in on the success of Star Wars, but it left an impression on me. This is a resin recast (doh!) of the Billiken alien that sat on David Allen's desk. I also have a piece of the spaceship interior. High-tech, backlit graphics on paper. Hehe. Someday, I plan on rebuilding this console for a proper display.

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I was just thinking about this movie the other day. Was wondering if anyone had/made the Blaster itself?
Haven't seen it in so long, I remember a scene where he blasts a billboard with Star Wars on it. Or am I imagining that part.

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One of my first sci-fi movie memories... I think I was 10 and thought it was DA BOMB. I distinctly remember wanting that blaster more than anything in the whole wide world. :D

Of course Star Wars came out the next year, and, well... :p

- Gabe

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Definitely one of the first props I ever tried to build. The arm cannon as a child was one of the coolest things ever. Huge fan of the movie, thanks for letting me remember.. ;)


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Ha. Very cool.

Laserblast is one of my all time favourtie b-movies, and by far my all time favourite MST experiment. So going to have to watch this again on the weekend.



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OMG. That's the name of that movie? I saw that at my grandparents one saturday afternoon way back when. I remember running around with a cardboard tube on my arm for days afterwards. Man, thanks for stuff.


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And for those of you wondering who David Allen is, go here.

He "contributed stop-motion animation sequences to more feature films than anyone else in the history of the cinema."


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Originally posted by Zaphod@Mar 1 2006, 06:48 AM
Hurray.  They've got it at .  Just put it on the top of my queue.

Me too.
that's so funny.
also, did you guys remember at the end where Dude blows up a Star Wars billboard?