Lady Sif Armor WIP

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    Lady Sif armor WIP

    Daughter wore to AnimeExpo, we were assembling and painting the night before. I'll be making completing mods and putting in details (SCROLLWORK!). For my first try at armor, in retrospect, the learning curve was actually pretty enjoyable. Wine was involved most of the time.

    Except for the shoulder piece, which is EVA, the rest si 1/8" Sintra.
    Fabric m​aterial is a faux leather from Joann's.
    Paint is predominantly Testor Model Master Metalizer 'Aluminum Plate', but there is some Rub n Buff 'Silver Plate
    DSCN5078.jpg DSCN5077.jpg
    You can see the unadorned boots! Oh the shame, and the Sintra pieces to make the boot armor were not completed in time.
    DSCN5076.JPG DSCN5079.jpg
    Sif has leather fist guard and connectors to the bracers which I did not get to.
    DSCN5080.JPG DSCN5081.JPG
    Skirt was just double stitched along the cuts, the fringe is a roll of lace spray painted with Rustoleum 'Matte Nickel'.
    I posted separately for the sword and shield. Will probably sand down the sword and clean up the lines and likely completely take the scrollwork OFF and redo the whole face of the shield.
    DSCN5083.jpg DSCN5084.jpg

    BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!

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