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    Just recently saw this for the first time and I liked it. I was expecting the worst due to the lack of any interest in it or talk about it. Much like 2001, it deals with alien intervention. I was expecting something supernatural, but I'm glad it didn't go that route. Anybody else dig it?
  2. Jedifyfe

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    I thought it was decent.
  3. micdavis

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    I thought it was above average. Some awesome effects.
  4. Alan Castillo

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    Definitely liked it.
  5. Clutch

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    Plane crash being my #1. I also like the fact that everyone didn't get saved at the last minute like so many movies tend to do.
  6. jcoffman99

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    I really liked this movie right up until then end when the aliens showed up. Perhaps it was a little too close to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but I was all aliened out by this point.
  7. Nexus6

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    I liked this flick quite a bit, even though Cage is not one of my favorite actors.

    I also liked the look of the aliens. If they had appeared on Earth in ancient times they might have been considered "angels". They match descriptions in biblical texts (beings of light, fearsome countenance, wings, etc), & the "drop-ship" roughly matches the description of the "wheel" in the sky from the book of Ezekiel.

    ABSOLUTELY not trying to wax religious. I just thought the film-makers might have been going for a: "these beings have been visiting Earth for thousands of years" type thing.

    Anyway: :thumbsup
  8. Onli Won Kanomi

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    People see things from their own historical, geographical and cultural perspective. In ancient times in the 'Holy Land' with their 'religious' mindset they could have seen those entities as 'angels' the modern America with our 'scientific' mindset we would tend to see them as 'space aliens'...but they could be something else [time travellers? alternate universe nonhuman 'earthlings'?] even something that our present perspective hasnt any idea of yet.

    What I like about "Knowing" is that it doesn't 'tell' you what they are just like 2001 doesn't 'tell' you what the Monolith is...we are free to ask our own questions and seek our own understanding. I wish more movies did that instead of the conventional explanation of everything Hollywood seems to think necessary for the ADHD generation.

    :thumbsup :thumbsup for "Knowing".
  9. The Wolf

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    I enjoyed it more than I expected.
    I also appreciated that the predicted end happened. I get tired movies having a scroll, etc. where all predictions have come true, proving it's validity but the hero prevents the big upcoming prediction from happening. Makes scroll, etc. seem less impressive.

  10. Canobi

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    Loved it :thumbsup I think Cage is ok on the whole, but does end up getting roles that don't really suit him.

    The feel of the flick does indeed seem that the aliens are taken as the original seeders of this planet, hence thier intervention to preserve thier "humans" from the apocalypse. I'm also glad that it ended like it did, it definately had more impact than if everyone got saved.

    The FX were cool and I liked all the nods towards the religious texts, clever idea as it makes people think a bit.

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