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I come before this esteemed gathering of exceptional creators seeking guidance in identifying a component used in creating a screen-used prop.

In my preparations to build a Klingon Desk Computer as seen in the office of General Martok, in the Deep Space 9 Episode, "Once More Unto the Breach," I am at an impasse.

I have identified the base item as a Reflecta MB 300 35mm slide viewer, with Robotix wheels on each side. The grid on the lid appears cut from something larger, so I anticipate it will need to be fabricated from scratch, unless someone here can pinpoint its source.

Primarily what I am striking out on, is the half dome greeblie located on the front portion of the lid. The area where it is attached measures precisely 6 3/8 inches wide by 3 1/8 inches tall. I estimate this drain looking item to be approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter, possibly a little larger.

Any assistance anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Martok's Desk Computer.png
To me it looks like the front of a TIE bomber with the windsreen installed backwards.
You are correct, a TIE bomber cockpit was an early consideration, unfortunately the slope is inconsistent and this greeblie has 4 screw mounts on the surface that are reinforced with ribs across the curve of the dome. As near as I can tell, the framework for the greeblie's "windscreen" is flat and not convex like a TIE bomber or fighter.
The dome on the top is the same that's on the left (if you are looking at the monitor open) is the same greeble. I believe those parts are from Robotix as well. Funny thing. The sample with the LCAR in the black background, is the actual prop and it seems to be reversed, but still shows the same greeble.


MadGasser, I appreciate your response. I am confident there were more than one of these items created during production, with the cover greeblies actually mirrored.

The above DS9 screen capture illustrates one prop with the unidentified greeblie mounted on the right side of the cover. It is not a reversed image based upon Martok's missing eye. The prop with the autographs, specifically Robert O'Reilly (Gowron), clearly shows the greeblie mounted on the left side of the cover. It too, is not a reversed image based upon the signature. The autographed prop originated from the collection of Alec Peters, released to auction and identified as screen-used:

I do not know the provenance of the photo you posted from Ex Astris Scientia, but I presume based upon their work, it may also be an image of a production-made unit. There is at least one fan-made custom-built prop using the same sourced items. While not clearly shown, the unidentified greeblie can just be seen mounted to the left of the cover:

I have searched so many different items looking for this thing (housing and shroud domes, cameras, coffee pods, toy wheel rims, mini track spot lights, sink drain inserts, garden sprayer nozzles, miniature fans, car vents, wheels for office chairs, hubs for skateboard wheels, yo-yos, Robotix, Capsela, and other scientific or model build kits, wheels and joints on numerous old toys and playsets, including GI Joe). I have not been successful yet.

I am preparing to scratch build this unless someone can help identify it. I am grateful and will follow-up on any potential leads.


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