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Lindberg UFO

Produced by Lindberg, Glenco, and Atlantis models it was the 1st sci-fi kit made , and for the studio scale crowd it is the donor kit for the saucers from Plan 9 from Outer Space



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Revell Apollo Lunar Spacecraft kit

A SSP reissue of the old early 70's kit.
It's 1/48 scale and contails the following:
Escape Rocket, Command/ Service Module, Lunar Module and moon base, and the 3rd stage payload section with opening doors.

Missing from the reissue is the earth base that held the 3rd stage parts.

The kit's service module high gain antenna is used on the top back of the colonial laser, and the whole 3rd stage part was used as a base for a SHADO deep space probe on UFO.

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Here is a catalog scan from Summer 1976 that might help with kit IDs. I don't know where else to put it, but it seemed to belong here best. These are the first 15 pages of the catalog. The rest was books and metal figures.

Knowing what kits were out there from this US distributor at around the time of the first Star Wars movie might help to identify possible donor kits.

The Detroit Squadron Shop was the first great hobby shop I ever saw as a kid. I couldn't believe the fine art quality of the builds and dioramas that I saw in the cases in the shop. I used to ask to go there every time we drove near it!

You'll notice there's no Pactra Stormy Sea Blue, in jars at least...

I hope it helps with some mystery IDs!