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JM, I was checking out your Kit Scans thread and saw that you could assign links directly to the thread posts using the posts' URL links from post #1 - making it an 'live' index to the various posts; if you right-click the target post # (in the top right corner of the post) and then select 'copy link', you can then Edit your post #1 & assign that copied link URL to the associated notation (by highlighting the post notation & then clicking the "world with a chain link" icon on the editing toolbar... just in case you're unfamiliar...) This way, it would be possible to simply click the notation and it would go directly to that post. To do the work, you would open post #1 in a separate tab in your browser, then open another tab to go through the thread & grab the individual post links, switching between the two tabs to create the links.

Just a idea. Cheers!

PS: I tried to PM this info to you but your Messages box is full...


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I saw there are a lot of post whithout pictures.
Samebody knows what is happened?