Just won me an Immortals Prop :)


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I just snagged this on ebay. Doing the happy dance right now. It's a Greek soldier helmet (battle damaged) from "The Immortals" I snagged it for about
$ 170 with free shipping even!

Premire Props is great, just expect to wait a while before they ship your item, and a little bit longer for it to get to you, but you got a heck of a deal.
I wonder if we were bidding on the same one. It went for $203.50. I too was outbid

The two I bid on went for almost $300 each. I was the second bidder on one... ugh. Didn't love the movie, but I do like those helmets and it would go well with our 300 spartan... get that and one of the myrmidon helmets from Troy and you have the whole series! :lol
I think I bid against both of you .. lol. I was bidding on the whole helmets too but also was outbid.
There are a LOT more coming up for auction. Several are up now. I think they probably have a ton of these . You will probably get a good deal if you hold out
You weren't kidding. I see a few more popped up. Just so we aren't all bidding against each other maybe we should announce which one we are interested in etc.
Good idea. I'll I want one of the Bad guy helmets with the leather. I'll let you guys know which item number I decide on. I think there are 3 or 4 of them up.
I'l just sit back and wait for someone to mold one of these and do castings. I would bid on one, but after what I went through with waiting 4 weeks for my items, I think I'll pass.
I don't know if these will be popular enough to justify being recast, but at less than $300, I'll take a screen used copy all day long.
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