Juggernaut model unfold question


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Hello everyone.

I'm currently in the process of unfolding a Juggernaut helmet, and once i complete it i intended to share it with the community.

But i have some concerns abut the rules because the model i used is ripped from the game Marvel Heroes and since it is not mine i don't know if i'm allowed to share it unfold with everyone, and i don't want to be banned because of it.

By the way, this is the model in question, the unfold i am doing is for foam and is still in progress.

Any information is appreciated.


I'm pretty sure it's OK if it comes from a game rip, I've seen other unfolds based off game models and I don't believe the members who shared them were banned or anything. I think it only applies to members/individuals personal models. I'm not 100% about it, but I'm sure there are plenty of people on here that could clarify.


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Thank you, Jimbob1986 and GhostMinion for answering i'll continue working on it. As a bonus i'll show you another i'm working on. Thanks again

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