Judge Dredd Props


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I was just watching the film again the other day and forgot how much I really like the weapons and props. Im a fan of any big, chunky type guns. While everthing looks completely practical, it still has a very comic book feel to it. Obviously I love the Lawgiver but the Aspen Guard gun might be my favorite. Any other fans out there?

Lord Abaddon

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I liked the movie a lot. I really felt it held to the comic book feel and that the overall film was done really well.

As for the props, the Lawgiver just plain rocks. The helmets, badges and armor are very cool as well.


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I may be one of the few fans of the comic that LOVED this movie.

The only props I have is the SD Studios set with the Helmet, Lawgiver, bage and gun (In a nice display box.

I would desperately like to get my hands on an Aspen rifle. The dream, of course, is a full scale ABC Robot.

BTW Thanks Juno for the link to the paper Lawgiver.


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The ABC is just sick. Ive had the chance to meet him. Its so frigging cool. Sometime you get to see this stuff in person and it disappoints. The ABC is definately NOT an example of that.


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I build this styrene prototype 2 years ago (300 or so hours from start to finish) it is a working version of the unfolding gun Rico has in Aspen Prison. I had terrible luck with 2 machinists when i tried to have it made in aluminium. I talked to a new machinist recently, who is willig to do it for me. I want to remake the blueprints and see if 3 times is a charm.





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I dont even have any. Wish I did though.

Originally posted by czjxm7@Dec 16 2005, 06:57 PM
Morheous, post pics of the ABC robot, if you can.
awd, I'd love one of those in the house.


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Yup, Dredd... some good stuff there. I got a little bit but still looking for a Judge Hunter gun, sigh. And Marc count me in on that Rico gun :D




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right now im working on a pvc ABC warrior model. i think itll stand like 13 inches tall or so.
Its gonna take me forever though cause i completely gutted it and am replacing all the sculpted wires and mechanical parts with real wires and tubes and what not to try to have the appearence of the movie robot. i want to be able to see through the mid section. It will be sweet


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I'll chime in here also..
I collected some great props from Dredd.
I've got the actual shooting Lawgiver from the movie.
I also have a screen used stunt shoulder armor set.
One of the prized parts of my Dredd collection is the Screen used Judge Hunter costumes including the Hunter gun.
I've also got a set of the limited number of the fan made Street Judge Costume.
The shooting Lawgiver comes with the screen used holster that Stallone used..
I think I have an extra screen used Hunter costume somewhere. or least some of the major parts. Helmet and shoulder armor.
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