Jorah Mormont Dagger (Game of Thrones)


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I've been planning to make this for a while to add to my full costume and I finally got an afternoon work on it. Here's what I've got so far:


First off, this is about the only reference photo I could find of the prop. I guess he loses it by second season, but everything is pretty much based on this photo. I started by scaling it in Inkscape and making a drawing of it as best I could.


I'll be making the dagger and scabbard from wood and the strapping that attaches it to the belt from leather. I'm using plywood for all the wood parts.


Here's the blade and the tang cut out. Two pieces of plywood are being glued to the tang which will be the handle.


The pommel, crossguard, and scabbard are all cut. I used a roundover bit to contour the edges of the pommel and I'll do the same on the scabbard. The scabbard is two layers of plywood sandwiching a third that has been cut out to the form of the dagger. That way the blade will slide right in with a little sanding since it's the same width wood. The crossguard is also 3 layers of plywood with a gap left in the center for the blade to slide through.

IMG_2719.JPG IMG_2720.JPG

The scabbard once it's been rounded over, sanded, and the chape area contoured to fit the crossguard.


The pommel with a hole drilled and dowel inserted to connect it to the handle.

IMG_2722.JPG IMG_2723.JPG

And everything has been sanded and glued up. Fit's nicely into the scabbard too.

Next up I'll be paining these parts and starting the leather assembly.


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IMG_2730.JPG IMG_2732.JPG

Here are the scabbard and dagger all painted up. Finished with a few coats of spray lacquer to try to protect the paint a bit. I've got the dagger handle and a strip of leather coated in contact cement so I can install the grip. I'm gonna leave the blade unpainted for now since it won't really be coming out of the sheath and it fits pretty nicely in there as it is.

IMG_2729.JPG IMG_2731.JPG

I made this leather piece to hold the scabbard in place as it appears in the picture. It fits snuggly through the leather loops and the big loop goes over the belt. I also made up this little leather wrist guard that Jorah wears in a couple scenes.

IMG_2733.JPG IMG_2734.JPG

Pretty much done. Got the ornaments on and rigged up some lacing to secure the scabbard and dagger. Matches the sword belt nicely. Still need to do some weathering but I'll leave that for another time. I'm racing to finish all this and the season 1 skirt up in time for the Pennsylvania Ren Fest this coming weekend.

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From that reference photo you posted it almost looks like the pommel is similar to the one on Barristan's sword, with a black stone.


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