John Wick coin set from Ali


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I kept seeing these a on eBay/etsy and other forums. It’s a neat prop but didn’t like the idea of paying someone $35-$50 each to just have them drop shipped to me. So I took a chance and ordered them straight from Ali. I paid $17 for each set (continental card, blood oath marker, adjudicator coin, 5 gold coins) and I have to say they’re pretty decent.

The long shipping time was expected so no complaints there. The coins and marker have a good weight to them and the card is a lot better quality than I expected. If I were to see these in person at a con for a decent price I’d probably pick them up.


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That actually sounds like a pretty good deal
yeah I was skeptical at first but it was cheap enough to gamble on. I order most of my metric hardware and leds from Ali but I’ve never ordered anything like this before.

I’ve seen this exact kit many places marked up to a ridiculous price so decided to check Ali and there it was with the same exact pics all the drop sellers are using.

My only complaint is the lettering on the adjudicator coin is a little crowded. In all fairness I was trying to find something wrong and that’s about all I could come up with. Overall I’m very happy with it.

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