Limited Run Jedi Belt Pouches resin kits


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If you look at this picture to me I don't see evidence of airbrushing. You can see brush strokes and some chipping effect on the button. I don't know how much the flash is distorting the color.
3567414634_51eab2508d_o.jpg 3730139174_46479a0c35_o.jpg
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I've looked online for colours for the base brown, the best find was a Krylon paint but unfortunately it's in America and they don't do Krylon in the UK, I found this European website that does spray paints based of PAL colour codes, some of the brown shades look very promising for the RED Brown Base.



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From the website I linked I think I've found the 3 best candidates for the Base Brown.

(Left to Right) RAL 8012 Red Brown, RAL 8015 Chestnut Brown and RAL 8016 Mahogany Brown



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I think something interesting to note is just how clean the pouches looked by the end of the prequel era. Like the ones for the first movie while still good looking, but you can tell on the hinge attachment how sloppily it was attached. Vs how precise the clip and hinges were attached to the RoTS box



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Maaaan I was looking at those on the auction as well. janglesworthy I’m down for an Obi set if you decide to make some like those RotS ones that open. Hinges and clips not included I think I could definitely manage.


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So I took one of my failed prints I wasn't happy with and used it as a tester. The black is way too dark and needs to be thinned, and brush stroking on the base color was not a good idea. But I think it's a simple process of just 1 color, seal, dry brush and done. The next one will be better.

2.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg

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