Jayne Cobb t shirts?


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I'm new to the RPF and I guess this may be the place to ask. I was re-watching Firefly recently and appreciating Jayne's t shirts, as a sci-fi wardrobe that's a pretty cool and unique idea.

Anyway, there are obviously a lot around the net but I wonder if anyone knows of a source for good quality ones at a reasonable price, I'd pay $50 for a good one that I knew was printed well and on a quality shirt.

I love me some weird t shirts but I'm particular about how they fit, and I hate when one ends up unworn for that reason. Thanks for any help!
have you looked at thinkgeek.com? I know they have 2 Jayne shirts but I think they're both from the movie Serenity. But my fiance has the yellow one and it's quite nice. I think anyway.

That's the most immediate place anyways but I'm sure there are folks on here who have screen printed their own for sale.
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