James Arness, Matt Dillon has Passed Away..


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RIP James, now, go on and catch up with Festus; he's been waiting 20 years to be by your side a'gin...

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Saw this on the news last night and felt bad to see another icon go. TVland plays Gunsmoke every day and it seems like a friend has passed.



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I cannot believe he is gone. He was a 6'7" western icon and I will always be a fan through reruns of Marshall Dillon and Gunsmoke.


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My grandpa loved that show, especially the Marshall and Chester. I guess Mr. Arness is the last of the gang to join up at that great Long Branch Saloon in the sky.........RIP Mis-ter Dil-lon.

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I like that version of The Thing better. The casting and dialogue beats out the special effects of the later one. And you can recognize him easily. Funny that they left the face fairly normal.
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