Is cured resin toxic?

Barry Abrams

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I'm using some smooth-cast 325 (polyurethane resin) to make some christmas gifts to give out to friends and family. I've read all of the MSDS articles about the materials I'm using and I'm taking all of the precautions I should while casting. The one thing I can find almost no information on is the toxicity of the end result. I've found plenty about how harmful part A and part B is alone, but nothing about the cured, hardened resin when it's all said and done.

I'd imagine the powder is dangerous if it's sanded down, and of course, depending on what I make, it could be a choking hazard. But is simply handling it ok? What about if a dog eats it?
To my knowlege cured resin is chemically inert. It is after all a plastic and should be about as safe as any other plastic within reason.

That said, I do know that it's not food safe and shouldn't be used for anything that comes into contact with food. So gifts for adults or older children should be fine, but definately not for anyone young enough to stick it in their mouths.

It might help if you let us know what kinds of gifts your were thinking of making.
It's something akin to a kid robot toy. Something you open and it lives on your desk and you leave it there until you're tired of it. I guess I'm just worried about the worst case scenario...someone giving it to someone they shouldn't have. It's big enough that if someone put it in their mouths, they'd probably choke on it before they swallowed it.
Sounds like 90 percent of what we do with resin casts now, and none of us have dropped dead from it. Although there are quite a few personality disorders floating around here that make you suspicious. :lol
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