Ironman from Malaysia - Using cardboard


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This my first time to publish my work here. And first of all special thanks to Stealth for the pepakura file for foam and the video tutorial.

After several of try and error, using few methods, from paper to foam... and now using cardboard.

I've tried to used the foam, but seems like fail to me. Maybe because of using the wrong type of foam. But now I preferred to used the cardboard. It's a challenge for me to use this methods. Now I'm comfortable to build it with this material.

To make it more softer, I've to spray some water to do the bending. And make it more flexible to shape it.

Here is some of my Iron Man Mark VI.






From My Website


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Izam, nice work bra, ya might want ta redo th' nekseal there are obvious gaps between th' pieces there. other than that keep up th' great work.:cool


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Hey Izam, i'm unable to view th' progress pics on your website is there anyway you could post them some other way like using photobucket bra? My poor under powered 32-Bit puter using google search can't find ya website thanx bra.:cool


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thank you & terima kasih :D

Sorry for that. This things happen due to my web server was down. And we're in troubleshooting mode.
Thanks for the advice, I'll put it in he photobucket.
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