Ironman costume


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Want to dress up as Ironman for halloween this year. Looking for a somewhat accurate costume, but not too extensive or expensive. Budget of about $200. All the costumes that come up in a search look cheap or the legs are just pants, not a superhero suit haha. Any input is more than appreciated. Thanks


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Start learning how to pepakura or cut up/shape some plastic trashcans/rivet together for that budget.



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A good IM that you buy is going to be around 2k-3k.
I am going to guess the $200 was a mess up and left off a 0


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Thats what I was afraid of haha. I dont know if I have the time/talent/experience to create my own haha. Found one "Deluxe Ironman Costume". Runs from ~$170 - $200. Looks decent but cant find in my size.


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Try $3k-4K finished, you might get a raw cast for the 2-3k.

I'm going bar hopping not flying haha. WOW 3-4k for a Halloween costume? That's a little absurd haha. At the moment I'm not interested in a display ready prop haha, though that would be friggin sweet


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The mass produced mainstream costumes are designed to be afforadable for occasions like halloween. Those are the ones you can buy for $200 and under.

The suits made here are replica armors made from materials that will last many many years. Most of the individuals making suits here are not making them just for 1 halloween.

That is why full armor sets around here cost several thousand dollars. If you want an ironman suit for halloween this year, for under $200, you need to keep looking at the costumes on the halloween sites.


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I understand that everyone here takes this hobby very seriously and want their work to look the best that it can. I thought there might be some people who have looked at factory made costumes for tips or as a base for improvements. Ive seen a TON of items that were bought cheap at tow stores and improved by adding a few details and a coat of paint.

I am going to attempt to go with the garbage can attempt. Never thought of this, genius idea! If anyone has the templates I would appreciate it.
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