Iron Man Undersuit Question


Has anyone tried one of those printed iron man costumes as an under suit on a home made iron man costume? I was thinking all the printed detail would look good where there are gaps in the armour.


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The color would have to match perfect and the texture of the under costume may make it not blend in. Could easily not look good IMHO.

Also, a compression suit is going to help wick off moisture. Foam suits get warm.


Fair enough, this is why i wanted to ask. I know that printed suit costume is only cheap, i think it's £45 on ebay but no point buying it if you think it won't work. I just thought it might work better than a plain undersuit where the gaps are, i might have to think of something else for the gaps.


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I had a similar thought myself for my costume, had been looking at dark red undersuits, I did find an "Ironman" suit for running. It's a Ironman "running/exercise" suit but with shorts printed with Ironman suit on it. It's black and silver though.

Other idea is to find something with some sort of printed lines on it like wires or something similar. Probably going to settle on a Dark Red under suit and modify it.
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