Iron Man Shark Head Helmet Noob Needs Help

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by dariang, May 13, 2012.

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    Hey everyone!

    I have started to create an iron man helmet using the pepakura paper method and I was hoping somebody out there could answer a few questions of mine. My helmet is in 4 main pieces right now: The mask, the chin, the helmet, and the little back piece to the helmet (that will clip on and off after the helmet is on my head).

    I am going to buy the hinge system that the legendary MightyJohn has created because I want the chin to go down as the mask lifts up. So my questions are:

    1. Should I glue all of the pieces together before applying the resin/fiberglass/bondo and then once it is all ready, should I cut out each piece?

    2. OR should I resin/fiberglass/bondo each piece separately?

    3. My friends already love how the helmet looks and want me to make them one. I've taken a look at some threads where people have made molds and am considering doing some at the end (if it turns out well). I just want to know if I can make the full helmet the normal way and make a mold out of that at the end? Or do I have to use some different materials when making the original helmet in order to prepare it for casting?

    Thank you, sorry for the long post, after I get these questions answered I'm going to start a new thread to show off my progress :) I think by 2082 I should have a sweet looking helmet!
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    I'm as much a noob as anyone out there, but I can tell you how I am doing mine. I made it as one piece, and plan to cast the separate pieces off of that. By doing it in one piece, I was allowed to make sure all of the seams aligned perfectly and will fit snug. Other people are far more talented than I am, and can get a perfect fit resining the different pieces, but I find that more tedious. If you want to see my work, feel free to visit my Mark VI thread.

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