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I am getting ready to paint a few pieces (helm, brace, chest, back). I am having some difficulty matching up the colors though. I saw in another thread that people have used Krylon Banner Red or Chevy Candy Apple. The Banner Red looks too red to me though. I also picked up the Krylon Burgendy but that appears too dark.
The gold/yellow I am completely lost on. Nothing I saw seemed close and was way too bright of a yellow. I didn't see any gold at all at Autozone, Ace, or Wal-Mart. Is the gold going to have to be mixed and brushed on?
Seems like Rustoleum or Krylon is what everyone around me keeps in stock.
Any color suggestions and where to get it is greatly appreciated.
I and a lot of others are using Duplicolor - "perfect match" Dark Cherry Metallic
it's a little more expensive but better quality than Krylon.

for Gold, I use Sunburst Gold, same brand. That one, I'm not sure of how close it is.
There might be a better choice. It looks good so far.

hopefully someone who can confirm a good gold will chime in.
we have a store here called "Canadian Tire" it's like Autozone I guess. Not sure where else they would have it where you're at.
I found it all at autozone, hope to have some paint on my build this coming weekend!
I think the Sunburst Gold looks really spot on, unfortunately, it's unavailable here in Montreal at all Canadian Tire I've been to.

Are you saying you found it in Ontario?!

Anyone else from around here with an alternative or knows where to find that color?

Would anyone buy a few cans for me and ship them in Mtl? Not ideal, but I have no alternative!!!
i use montanna black cardinal for the red it looks really god and covers really well. for gold i had to settle for a montanna black chrome gold as its all i could find rather annoyingly
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