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I've been a long time surfer to the RPF, but never really posted. Great to finally be here amongst all you pros!

I've recently decided on a new challenge of a costume and have settled on creating as accurate an Iron Man 2 whiplash exoskeleton as possible. I've even started an exercise regiment and changed my eating habits to shape up better.

I've been doing some major research into all the little parts on this freaking costume and have only found a few things.

Here are a few HD pics i've found online:




I recently bought the Blu-Ray, so i'll be taking more pictures for sure.

From what I can tell, the "braces" on his arms look like leg braces, like what Forrest Gump had on as a kid, but with possibly custom machined metal rings. The "handles" the whips come out of LOOK like motorcyle pegs or big handles of some sort, but can't figure those out.

The front chest piece is very custom machined, except for the "tie rods" I think they're called? With the open end ball joint connectors.

Can't figure out the leather harness. A friend said it looks like a vintage safety harness because of the holding strap at the very top rear.

Still looking into all the other parts, some parts look like workout gym parts, and others motorcycle parts...

Again, any and ALL help is GREATLY appreciated! If you see a part you recognize please let me know!

Thanks guys, and again, happy to join such a prestigious replica community!

Thiago "GBFreek83"
Well i've already found some of the parts and have a feeling a good amount of it has been modified from found parts.

I'm figuring the majority, definitely, is custom machined and made...which makes it so much harder as I want it all 100% accurate.

Thanks for your $.02 Tigerblood!
Love this costume and toyed with the idea to create it also since I didn't see anyone working on this previously. Have only gotten to the screenshot/pics gathering stage myself. Wonder where the original prop is...

What parts have you found?
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