Intro to Professional Model Making DVD - opinion?


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Julien, if you have a dvd player that supports region 1 discs, then the DVD will def play. On most pc dvd drives you can change the region settings.


I know my computer does but mine, however, can only do it a certain number of times. So as an alternative, instead of having to whittle down the amount of times I can change my region settings, I just up and bought a region free dvd player.

It's still in use today, even though things are transitioning to Blu-Ray, but I've not quite cared enough about Blu-Ray yet to bother.


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I have this DVD and I can highly recommend it. It was so interesting, I watched it non-stop all the way through. It's full of great tips and tricks, only a few of which I already knew.

I'd love to get more info about his spray booth setup. I'm wondering if this is something standard he adapted for his shop or if it was completely custom built.

Also, his vacuum chamber is very interesting. I've never seen one like that before. I liked the way he could bleed the vacuum to keep the RTV from overflowing its container during de-gassing.


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I bought the DVD and it worth it see many techniques in action. Although I knew most of the tricks I just have not used them in my personal projects. Fon covers a lot of techniques and tricks for those more curious about model building. He covers vacuum forming, scribing, mold/casting, basic electronics, washes, weathering. I may put my DVD up for sale soon as I took a few notes and do not need the DVD set. But anyone interested in the tools/tricks of the trade, most definitely get the DVD set. It will clear up any foggy ideas of tool use, tricks, approaches, techniques in plain sight. I'm much more visual so this just helped in that respect.

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I have the DVD as well and it's excellent. Need help with vac form? He covers it. Can't make that smooth canopy? He shows how. Lighting? He does it.
The info just goes on and on... 2 thumbs up from me.


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I just got my Intro to Professional Model Making DVD for Christmas and I watched the first hour and so far it's very informative. I am so glad I got it, so many tips you can pick up just by watching it. Tools, types of material, methods and how he handles the materials, its well worth it. The DVD also played fine in my Samsung Blu-ray player (BD-D5700), I had no problems with it at all.
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A heads-up that Fon's dropped the price on these.

To recap: if you're wondering about some techniques or are curious about rounding out your foundation model building skills, this is a good double set to grab. Get these techniques down and you're far ahead of most hobbyists (and probably even a few pros, ugh). Anyone who's been working a few years may think that they'll get less out of it, but it's always good to see something in action and get a few reminders and tips.


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Thanks for the information, sounds like a very good investment for anyone wanting to improve their skills.

The link at the top gives me a "404 Not Found" error. I was able to find it at (unfortunatly, they do not ship overseas and doesn't have it :( )

but I was able to find it at that ships worldwide

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I just ordered it as well, since it's so highly recommended here! Now I'm all excited to watch it and see all the new techniques and tricks of the trade. Weee! :D


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Just ordered mine from

Good tip about micromark... Amazon won't ship it to New Zealand and S&H fees direct from Fon's site were an extra $25 :eek.

With micromark I can order a bunch of other useful stuff + the DVD and still only pay $13 for shipping


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Got my copy and watched most of it. Very informative. I did start getting annoyed the first time I saw a time lapsed section thinking, "Gee, sure would be nice if I knew what he was doing", but then he went back and described it. I am really looking forward to trying some of the techniques I saw. One right away is going to save me a lot of trouble.
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