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I hope this is the right forum for this is technically a question so i figure it should be okay.

In your experience, RPFers, how long should an interest thread for a run be up before it should be considered a bust?
If you have no hits yet, then I would say as long as it takes. Someone might find it later on. If you have at least one person and it's been up a while, then go ahead and make them whatever it is you are making. Makes for easy advertisement because then that one person can vouch for your work and gather more interest. Spreads like wildfire.
well it's not me making the product, but i contacted a machinist who is willing to make what i need but said it would be better to try to get interest for a run to keep the cost down, so i started the thread
Personally, I don't think there's any rule for judging when an interest thread is a bust. It's possible that interest in an item exists or will grow, even though the interest thread may not be getting many hits.

There are many reasons that interested parties may not post to an interest thread for a long time. People get busy with work, go on holiday, focus on family matters, or for other reasons don't log on for a while. Others may simply miss the thread. There have been many times when friends from the board drew my attention to interest or sales threads that I had completely missed.

I've seen this happen on eBay and other auction sites time and again: an item goes for weeks without a bid, and then suddenly there's a bidding war between several interested parties. There's really no predicting who will see your thread, and when.

So I'd say that you're the only one who can determine when your interest thread is a bust. It's worth bumping as long as you're willing to keep it alive.
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