Interest for really cool LED flasher circuit???

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    This circuit was developed for the Polar Lights Refit TMP Enterprise kit but can be used in any model where flashing lights are needed. The strobe effect is almost like a Xenon flash.

    Pat Floyd has offered to manufacture circuit boards to make it easier for people to build his flashing circuit that creates slow flashing navigation lights (approx. 1 Hz flash rate) and super bright "strobe" lights using white LEDs as seen here and here. Many people have built this circuit and it works great.

    The diagram for this circuit is being published on my site. But building it with an experimenter's board requires soldering a number of jumpers. A production board would make this far easier and quicker by eliminating the need for jumpers.

    The cost for a complete "kit" of this circuit (experimentor's board, sockets, ICs, resistors, LEDs, and capacitors) is about $40. Adding a production circuit board should bump that up by roughly another $10 or so. You have to solder it yourself, but you save a fortune off ready-made kits that others are putting out.

    So how many people would be interested in buying such a board? Please visit this thread and vote to let us know what you would want:

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