Incompetent installers

My prop shop just got done making some 3-D props for installation in those little bus shelters you see in the city.

We were hired to make a figure that is dressed in a haz-mat suit to illustrate the perils of working in a smoky bar. It gets put up behind a huge plexi-glass bubble in the frame.

Anyway, the figure was mounted to a sheet of milk-plexi that was to be backlit during the night time.

When you work with plexi, you always leave as much of the protective paper on as is possible to avoid scratches and marring. That's standard operating proceedure. Always.

And when you INSTALL a backlit sign, it WILL arrive with the paper still on the back and you MUST remove the paper before you bolt the frame down over it.

Evidently not here though. Ugh.

I got a call from an irate client yelling at me because the installers left the paper on the back of the plexi and you can see the Acrylite logo showing through when the lights are on. they even left some of the tape that I used to secure the plastic sheet over the top for transport stuck to the back side. Idiots.

Its a good thing WE didn't hire the installers. That was the client's fault. They're trying to make that poo-poo run downhill, but it's gonna skip over me and hit the installer instead.

Maybe there IS good prop karma in the universe after all. But it's directly related to how well you guard your own butt.

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Originally posted by 3 2006, 08:18 AM
Here you go.
D'oh. :cry

The display itself is awesome. A real shame that the installers dropped the ball with the paper backing. But the poop should slide right past you, since you followed SOP and did a terrific job on the figure to boot. :thumbsup


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Any chance you'd share with us which Twin Cities sign shop did that install Gordon?? Having been in the business for 10 years or so i'm just a wee bit curious ;)