Master Replicas: Incompetent Staff (but friendly!)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Wakal, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Wakal

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    So, I called MR bright and early this morning...well, early by civilian standards anyway...and placed an order for the so-called "EE" Solo ANH/Hero blaster.

    Or so I thought (insert forboding music here).

    Despite telling the nice young lady that I wanted the just-released-that-morning Episode IV "A New Hope" $649 blaster...several times...and several more times...and several times after that...when I got home this evening I logged into MR's increasinly user-unfriendly website and found that the nice young lady had actually ordered a so-called "LE" ESB blaster for me. Which had, according to that website, shipped today.

    Well, so much for that.

    I will call my credit card company Wednesday and suspend the charges, and will send the ESB blaster back "REFUSED: RETURN TO SENDER" when it shows up. I'm not paying for what I didn't want AND did NOT order.

    Since the ANH/Hero is sold out, I'll just mark this up as a Gift To Alex courtesy of incompetent staff at MR and pocket the $649 that I had intended to spend with them.

    Good thing that I have a nice Mauser/Hensoldt conversion with all machined aluminum parts already, or I'd be even more unhappy. MR can mark me down as "ex-customer due to their own incompetence." Now if I could just get that now-worthless "collector's society" membership dues back...

  2. Cirielle

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    If you are still interested in it - well it is not sold you could still order one.
  3. temponaut

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    Yeah. Still showing as available as of this writing. Although it sounds as if this may already have been the last straw with MR for you.
  4. Prefect42

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    I hear you.

    Four months ago, when the news of the EE blaster first broke, I signed up for the Collector's Society. Never bothered to check it until it was announced here that the prop was almost ready to order.

    After several attempts to log into the site, I finally called Customer DisService. I was told that my card had never been charged so I was not a member. Did I wish to sign up over the phone? Oh, heck no thank you.

    Went through my records and, in fact, I had been charged for the * service.

    Got my $60+ dollars back. And, like you, have $649 today. And a highly inaccurate but incredibly rare EDC STUDIOS ANH blaster.

  5. Wakal

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    Well, we will see what happens now. Managed to finally reach the same friendly person who took my (incorrect) order yesterday, and she thinks that (maybe) she can cancel the ESB blaster. The ANH/Hero are supposed to ship in December, BTW.

    No comment on the "LE" release of a weathered version, though.

    I order gun and knife bits and pieces (not much, no more than 50 or 60k a year as I'm a small shop) and I have not had problems with ordering with any of the many (many, many, many) companies large and small in that industry that I have had with MR. It is like they go out of their way to annoy the customers, with problems on at least a third of my stack of regular orders over the last few years. At least they are friendly on the phone.

  6. Cirielle

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    Well I hope it all gets situated out...and sorry you had to go through that....

    Thanks :thumbsup for the tip about December...EHEHEHEHEHE Now I know I have more time to save. YIPPEE.
  7. Betamin

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    Bad customer service or just service in general can sour anyone toward a company. I bought new tires at Sears Auto, stood around from about 7:30 to well after noon waiting for the tires to be mounted and balanced, and wasn't even given a discount for them taking so long. Plus, I watched as some guy in a Lexus SUV pulled up, pulled out his BMW tires and rims and they jumped right on that. A few months later, I get my tires rotated at the Toyota dealership and they tell me my tires are all out of alignment. At that point Sears lost my business for good, at least in their tire stores.
  8. Corellianexports

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    Hmmm......they must not be paying their staff enough $ these days.

    Either that, or it's what I call at work "a user error". It usually happens when I check out a computer to see what's wrong with it, and there isn't any thing wrong with it.

    I usually stare at the computer and say, "Must be a user error." :p

    If it's the CEO, I usually say, "I've fixed it. See you later." :D

    I've also had a similiar problem with Sears. Although with those guys, it's not "user error" or lack of $. It's just plain laziness. I always make sure I've got one of my trusty SW novels with me, so I can read some thing intelligent while I'm standing in line. :p
  9. Wakal

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    Although two separate MR types assured me (one over the phone and the other via email) that my ESB blaster (mis)order had been cancelled, I received a cheerful "here is the tracking number on your ESB blaster" email this afternoon.


  10. Darth Cross

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    Good luck in getting it sorted out Alex. A few years ago I placed an order with MR for a saber (only one). They sent me 3 (but only charged me for one). After several months of calls and returning sabers. I finally gave up and let MR make whatever mistakes they were determined to make. But they were very polite and helpful thru it all.


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