Immortals: Costumes of the Gods!!


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Ok. So most of the costumes weren't that impressive and pretty minimal, though the headgear sure was something else.

Anyone planning some golden armor or spikey, ridiculous hats??

I saw the movie last night and didn't particularly care for it, or any of the characters other than Athena, who was stunning and super fantastic! The costume is relatively easy, but I think as a whole, it's gorgeous in its simplicity and it's just too darn pretty not to make!

Plus, I have a longer rather than rounder face and a similar enough body type for it...and hair length and colour too... I feel like I'm destined to do it! ( And I love frilly, sway-ey, fringey things...but that's just a bonus. )

Some references...


Full body


No crazy crown!


Plain crazy crown


Fringed crazy crown

I'm going to be making the crown the same way Laamberry made her Black Swan tiara... wire, molding over it and then painting. When I made my succubus horns, I used model magic and a coat of bondo over top and sanded it down and that was relatively smooth and strong. Though I may just use the model magic as it's INCREDIBLY light and easy to smooth out creases in. Will have to figure it out with some test pieces and experiment with the thickness/fragility of it. I want the fringe to be removable though, just in case I get annoyed with it swaying around all over me all day, so that much I have decided.

The skirt it chain... but I'm not sure if I want to use actual chain or gold fringe. It's quite thick ( not the chains, but the amount of them ) so unless I can find thin chain at an affordable price ( that's light enough to not pull my shorts down HAHA ) the fringe should have a similar look... it does have a metallic sparkle to it as well. This would definitely be beneficial on the headpiece as well since my materials for that will be rather lightweight and I won't want the weight of chain pulling it down.

Corset will be leather of vinyl and airbrushed with a metallic finish.

Cape will be either something very similar or I'll custom illustrate the pattern in photoshop and have it printed if I can get the dimensions somewhat close enough.

Goal... IF by God's good graces, my boss allows me to have Labor Day weekend off, I think I want to bring this to Dragon Con next year but should have it done much, MUCH sooner.

Anyone else joining the court??
I might be wrong but all those crown pictures looks like the same crown. Or you mean it's got something added to it? I saw the movie today, It was awesome. I thought about doing a Hyperion helmet though.
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I might be wrong but all those crown pictures looks like the same crown. Or you mean it's got something added to it? I saw the movie today, It was awesome. I thought about doing a Hyperion helmet though.

Yes, yes. Same crown, just sometimes with the extra fringe and sometimes without, so I'd want it to be removable as opposed to JUST with.

I saw some photos of the prop on an auction site and it had the fringe on it too, so weather it was removable or if there were two separate ones, I don't know.

I SORT OF like it better without... but with just seems so much more... important? In the sky scenes, she has some other doohickies attached to her corset as well which isn't seen anywhere else. Also strange... will have to look into that more.

Do you mean the pincer helmet? That thing was SO awkward. I could NOT take the movie seriously after seeing it!! But would be a fun project to work on! I did like the helmet with the gold chain mask though, that was pretty sweet.

Ignore the topic... it just sounded cool. Gods and mortals just didn't have the same ring to it... Hahaha!

Totally feel free to use this thread for WIP of your helmet if you choose to take it on! Would love to see!
I just saw the movie last night as well and defintiely planned on doing Athena. (unfortunately she's really the only female character to do from the movie lol)

I was debating between the battle costume and the chain skirt one and I keep seeming to come back to the chain skirt one as well. I've also got some Mirror Mirror costumes I want to do from Snow White though so we'll see what comes first.

I feel like I'd like a few more ref pics to come out so I could analyze the detail of her costume though before making it. I don't want to deal with the whole I made it one way only to discover 5 months later that it was supposed to be something completely different.
EA, search some fansites for her actress ( can't even recall her name right now ). That's where I got TONS of hi res reference. Way more than enough needed to make the chain skirt version. It's a very, VERY simple costume even in hi-res. The only thing I might be challenged with is the cape harness.

I did think about the warrior version as well but the helmet just looks too... foamy ( though I'm sure with your skill you could make it look MUCH better ) and the rest just looks too... wonderwomany... Just wasn't as elegant or appealing as this one. :lol If you find some good sources for inexpensive and thin chain, please share! :D

And how funny! We both saw it last night and were most likely thinking the same thoughts the whole time. Oooh costume!! Hahaha!

I did like the Oracle's dress as well but her character was too unlikable for me to want it. Also, it was pretty but not 'costume'y... =\
I actually liked the idea of doing one of the oracles when they have their more "elaborate" costumes. The ones they wear when....well....I guess I shouldn't say anything in case it spoils it for someone who hasn't seen it and I don't know how to do a spoiler tab lol. But you know what I mean, when they had the veiled hats and stuff. That might be cool but probably not as effective if you're not a group of 4. And I don't quite feel ethnic enough to truly pull off any of the oracles without the veils lol!!

I'll definitely check out the fansites! Her name is Isabel Lucas.

If you go here down to chain-J:

Craft Chain

they have gold chain by the yard for $0.99. I'm still going to research and compare but so far that's a pretty good deal.
hmmm.... .99 cents does sound cheap... except thats basically per strand on the skirt. And it has a LOT of strands. It kills me 'cause I know I can do it more accurately, but I don't think I can live to spend $200 on JUST the skirt of a costume I like...but from a movie I dislike. =\
Still need to see this, as I love most of what Tarsem does. That crown is gorgeous!

Did Eiko do this costumes for this movie as well?

I'd totally take the .99 a yard. The only other option I know is to go to Micheal's. They have 10ft or so rolls of gold chain at $7.99 a roll.
sigh... i wish i had more money for costuming.

but i can't help but wonder... if the skirt is THAT MUCH chain, isn't it going to be super heavy? i found the crown being auctioned off on some prop site and it said it was 'faux chain' ... i don't know what that would be but i just can't get over how heavy it would turn out...maybe not. Still, for how much chain is on it, $1/yd adds up fast. :(

i believe eiko did do the costumes for this.
I actually like the feel of heavy costumes though....I feel like it's made to withstand lol! I imagine all the chains attached to a separate waist band that goes underneath the corset and you don't have to worry about anything getting pulled down. I would think.
I'll be watching this with interest. I don't really have the figure to do this costume justice but I really liked the warrior version (just don't get me started on why the guys get armour and she has to go out in her underwear ;) ). I had already started working on the helmet but the pepkura file I was using as a base ended up being way too big for me.

I don't know what the rules are around here for posting active eBay auctions but there is a seller doing spools of chain reasonably cheap. Try searching for '32ft spool of Gold Plated Round Cable Chain 2x1.5mm' They have other sizes as well if you think those links are too small.
I'd be more worried about it tangling. Sifting out through a simple jewelry box is frustrating enough at times. Someone mentioned the mesh, that might be worth checking out. Go for it ladies.. You can do this! Any of you going for the battle scene? I kinda liked the look of the hoop-hips and yes (lol) to no-funny hats! LMAO The Maximus/Spartan looking helms were pretty cool as were Hyperion's leather things, but the Gods, sorry.. hahaha.. Had some of the dorkiest looking head gear. You all have good taste with Athena ;0)
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