I'm Doomed (My very first build!)

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    Hello all!

    To say I'm new to Costuming on any level is an understatement. That said, it's always something that's interested me and something I've wanted to try. Looking into potential Halloween costumes for my family this year lead me here, and to peping! Found the PDO for the helmet and suit here, and decided to give it a go!

    The eventual hope is to finish this as a base for molding and cold-casting the suit for a metallic look that's a little easier to maintain, with the "white" look he's been rocking in Secret Wars. There's a LOT of work to be done between now and then, but I'm hoping this is at least a solid first step.

    2015-08-31 10.52.23.jpg 2015-08-31 10.52.26.jpg 2015-08-31 10.52.32.jpg

    As I was expecting, my big ol' head doesn't fit in the base build. To top it off, my inexperience led to some warping on the finished paper version.

    Thus I'm back to the drawing board with a 10% upscale!

    However, after getting it all started I've had requests from my friends to put together some FA Trooper suits for the premier, so Doom is taking a back burner... for now.
    2015-09-01 22.47.47.jpg 2015-09-01 22.51.43.jpg

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    That looks great! Looking forward to seeing the final product.
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    Great looking helmet :thumbsup
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    Very cool start. I'm looking forward to how this turns out, as I've contemplated a Dr Doom for Halloween next year.

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