Idiot proof telescopic rifle stock tutorials?

Wes R

Legendary Member
My google-fu let me down when looking for one and I thought with all the prop weapons on here maybe someone's come across it. I want to give a resin SMG a slide out stock that sits flush with the body when not in use. I have a couple of ideas but I figured I'd ask before trying my way. Any help is appreciated. It just needs to slide out to a comfortable length and stay there and then slide back in.

Wes R

Legendary Member
i'll have to dig some out. I gutted the thing so there isn't much left. It was originally a halo smg i got out of the JY.


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I got an AR style telescopic stock from an airsoft if you want it.
Looks kind of like this, but it's an all in one piece, and plastic, and clear.

lemme know. :thumbsup
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