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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by madaelk, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Hi im adam and i am new here,

    i dont know that much at all i really want to make a spiderman replica suit 1-3 but i dont know that much at all i want to know how to get the print on the fabric and how to get the web on the fabric how do i get the pattern everything
    thank you
  2. Fluxcapacitor

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    Hi Adam, welcome. There is a lot of info on the boards to do a multitude of things. You might want to try using the search function above and do some research as it is unlikely someone will just come and tell you. But, if you do some research and get a start on one you can then start a progress post and show your work and people might chime in then and give you some suggestions. Good Luck!
  3. madaelk

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    thank you i did some research im just wondering now do i have to make the pattern on my own or do i find it online cause so far i couldnt find anything for the pattern for the spiderman suit
  4. crabra comander

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    Make it on your own/look for someone who sells it online...
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