I made a life-size Billy the Puppet from Saw


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What's up guys? New guy here.

I've always wanted to make a life-size Billy and add him to my life-size collection. This project took me about 3 months from concept to creation. I did research and found all of the parts from Billy from all over the world. This project was fun and frustrating at the same time because I didn't really know what I was doing. Learning as I went. I must have stopped at Menards and Ace 10-15 times. You always get some nosey guy asking what you are building. Mind your bizness!!! ;) I'm very happy with the result though. The first time I watched Saw and seeing little Billy roll out on his tricycle...I thought he was the epitome of creepy. Granted, Saw lost me after the first 2. lol. Anyway, here is my Billy which is 4' 1" tall if he were standing. Hope you guys dig it half as much as I do. :)









I wanna play a game...
It looks great man, it's just so freaken creepy.

Excellent work! And I agree with Norse, it's creepy as hell. I don't know if I could have that sitting in my apartment. I'd be hearing "squeak squeak" in my mind and thinking it was pedaling toward me. :lol
Haha. The tric does squeak and it came with a 3 foot pole to push a toddler. When I attach the pole it looks like he's riding himself....I've had some fun with that at my girlfriends expense. Lol.
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Did you document the build in photos? I would love to see a thread to build one myself.

Great work, it looks perfect!!
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