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I finally own a Mogwai too & why I love the Prop Store


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The Prop Store has had a special place in my heart this past year because of the chances it gave me to make some childhood wishes come true. This recent purchase however, left me speechless.

After being inspired by Streetjudge79's awesome purchase of a Mohawk face from Gremlins 2 (See his thread here:, I began looking to see if I could find a piece of Gizmo for my collection. Sure enough, the timing was right and I found a Gizmo face up for sale.

Apparently, for the film, Gizmo had several faces with different emotions to be swapped out for the scenes. This particular Gizmo, a fear expression, came with the original storage box used during production:





Now the reason why I said this purchase left me speechless was for the following:

Along with the face came two additional items that were not in the description that floored me.

First was a seperate C.O.A and signed document BY RICK BAKER HIMSELF:


I found that to be a completely awesome surprise and something I will forever cherish.

The second item almost missed my eye. When I opened the box, here is what was nestled in the corner:


And when I pulled it out:



I thought I remembered the knot being higher, thus more material hanging below the knot, but this was a sucker punch to find. It appears to have a mix of tape (with stuck gizmo hair) and some pins through it, perhaps to attach it to Gizmo.


What do you guys think? COULD THIS ACTUALLY BE a production used/SU Rambo Gizmo bandanna?


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CONGRATS! Yep that's his rambo bandana... VERY COOL! I also bought the gizmo face that was framed. Did the payment plan on it so I'll have it in a few months to go with my Mohawk.
Enjoy it, it's a great piece!

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Very cool - I really want to pick one of these up myself. The bandana is a nice bonus to add to the display, the hanging ends are slightly shorter than the version seen in the film if I recall correctly. I believe there's some great reference on the screen used one (seen on the Rambo Gizmo puppet) in the collection of Jason White (Moviepropking)

I hope there's some nice production bonuses in with other Gremlins pieces!


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Hey GD, do you know if moviepropking's gizmo hero was a larger puppet? this almost looks like it would fit around a smaller (lifesize) gizmo head.

The reason I ask is because there was the puppet that fires the arrow, and then lifesize gizmo that was carried around, both wear a bandanna.

I am going to contact the propstore, but I fear they won't know. I'd love to know it was a production made/but not used bandanna, or if it played a role in any of the shots.

I think you're right that the "strands" under the knot are too short in it's current configuration, but what exactly was this and why was it in the box?
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That's really awesome. Would love to have one of these, but alas, I don't have that kind of $$. :( Sad face Gizmo.


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Not that they're screen used pieces but I just bought my two sons the singing and dancing Gizmo from NECA. These things are so funny and my boys love them.


I do however hope to find a screen used piece sometime soon; if not the regular stuffed dolls from Jun Planning, those are a nice series


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Not that they're screen used pieces but I just bought my two sons the singing and dancing Gizmo from NECA. These things are so funny and my boys love them.

I have the same one on my nightstand..not that I have ever used it to sing me to sleep or anything. That would be weird. :p

Haven't ever tried it with the kids to see if they would like it. Maybe tonight! I could always set it up as a night alarm for when my 4 year old likes to sneak around upstairs!
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