I am a Thug....In Magnus Rex

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by KenKenobi2, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Well folks, I made my film debut (with about 1500 other people) in a film titled, Magnus Rex...

    ahem...yeah.... coughthedarkknightrisescough..........

    I was one of several hundred extras/combatants in the largest scene of paid extras ever shot in New York City yesterday on Wall Street. To be sure, it was not a hang around and look nasty shoot. Everyone fought, really fought. The A Fight team was closest to camera but even those of us to the back and middle had to work out a legitimate fight scene and I have to tell you, when you hear the DP over the AD's headset go "That was **** amazing!", you know some cool stuff is happening.

    I had a ball, met Matthew Modine who is possibly one of the coolest people around, just fun and nice. Bale was there and......well....at the risk of any spoilers, I will just say that GCPD and the mob of baddies made some very amazing stuff happen. I will tease with this....Batman, meet Braveheart.

    And I do have my first screen-used prop. The hat I wore in the scene :cool (note: I owned the hat, they liked and approved it, I did NOT steal it) , with my day player ticket from Grant-Wilfley casting to prove it. :cool I would not take a set photo even if I could have gotten away with it. As a perfomer on set it would have not only gotten me canned, but it is INCREDIBLY unprofessional. I went, I staged two background fights and had a great time. Once the movie is out, I will discuss a little more. This much I knew I could share without spoilers.

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    Hi Kenkenobi2. Well done for getting an extras part in TDKR. I got to play on this movie too, albeit over here in the UK, but on the 'other side' as a GCPD Gotham cop. One day filming, in Banes sewer lair/ hideout. Not going to say anything about the filming other than

    'who-hooo! I've been in a Batman film'.

    Unfortunately, none of the cast were present :)cry) but Mr Nolan was :)thumbsup) Also, unable to take any pics on set, or even as a cop in costume as DC and producers were on their guard for sneaky cameraphones and we were warned constantly about not using them on pain of getting thrown off-set.

    Don't know how my scenes fit in with those subsequently filmed in Pittsburgh, LA and now NY. Would have loved to been in a fight sequence though. All we had to do was...:behave
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    Hey Somerset,

    It's cool to be able to share this with someone who has been there. Without revealing much that the internet has not already revealed, we were near a few Tumblers and the fighting was very detailed. Most had rehearsed ahead of time, but I was called in late, so they tell me, based upon my martial arts background. At one point we were told to pair off with an opponent and fight. My 'cop' partner was great and we did some cool stuff together. The scale blew me away. Braveheart meets Batman, really. I will not give up any plot points or who was around; I'd like to work as an extra (or more) again! :love

    This movie will be Epic, and I don't mean in the overused internet way. I mean in the LOTR, massive visuals way. Bear in mind, Any director could have used 150 extras and a green screen. Nolan PAID for 5 cities, thousands of skilled extras and actual film (no digital) to do this right. I cannot wait to see it!

    Thanks much!



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