"Hyper-firm" alternates?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Jimbo890, Feb 28, 2006.

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    After reading the spray on resin thread, I got to thinking, is there a DIY alternative for hyperfirm type material?

    I have a need for several small custom weapons that need to be rubber. These are custom made for my fan film, and I need to make these for the stunt guys. Some sort of hyper-firm type rubber would be perfect.

    Does anyone know of a product that can be done at home, on a small scale [less than 5 blasters] that is similar to the hyper-firm type blasters, and BFGs? I have read that making real hyper-firm was very expensive.

    I bet smooth-on has something, but I don't know what to look for. Hyper-firm must be a trade name, not a generic term.


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    If you find out, I'd like to know too.
  3. slave1pilot

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    me too.
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    For quick, easy, cheap, and readily available, use expanding foam from the hardware store.
  5. asok

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    When I make my scout blasters I use smooth-cast 325. I called and told Smooth-On that I was going to make toys for my kids and the tech said to use the smooth-cast 325. He told me they sell it to places like the FBI to make copies of real guns. I love it. We took one of the blasters that I made and through it at a brick wall. I just got a little weathered. :) The resin in almost clear so you can tint it any color. I am going to try and do some cold casting with that resin this weekend as well. I have been using it for my tank toppers and Jango parts. They guys in my Garrison like it becasue it does not break like most other resins.

  6. Jimbo890

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    Where would someone find the stuff you guys mentioned.

    I've been hoping the Hyper-Firm blaster would be forthcoming but it appears that it won't happen and now there will be a bunch of fans that won't be getting them.

    I personally own a HyperFirm Lewis Gun blaster and really like it.
    I've been asking for a E-11 but that's fallen on deaf ears.

    So now I guess it's time that I make one myself.
    I've got a MR E-11 blaster that I can use as the moldmaker.

    I'm hoping that once I have it done properly that I will be able ot make some for my garrison to use.

    If you can help out please do as I now belive that we have to stick together in order to get this piece done.

  9. TK648

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    I too was looking for this hyperfirm rubber and I did a search on the RPF and found this

    Its highly toxic, can burn and discolor your skin not to mention what it can do to your lungs, eyes, nose... You need extreme ventilation for rubber work if your looking to use it at home. The fumes are also highly flamable. Fun times.

    After reading this I will stick with smooth-on products
    I have ordered some of their 40 shore vytaflex to make some
    SST armor with.
    And I would like to recommend if you cannot decide which smooth on product to use as in any of their resins or urethane rubbers you can call them and ask for cured samples of these products,
    these cured samples have helped me a great deal to decide on which
    smooth-on product to use


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  10. SgtFang

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    I've never seen a Hyper-Firm product in person but from the description, it sounds a lot like a material from http://www.bccproducts.com/p3.html#urepro

    My info from them got misplaced in the move, but they make a 2 part resin in both black and clear that so far is indestructable- The black looks and acts like the plastic in unbreakable combs, but takes like 8- 12 hours to cure.

    I brushed up a Boba helmet out of it about 6 months ago, and we literally kicked it around the shop as hard as we could with no damage, dropped it on the concrete floor from about 6', no damage, It would be a great material for "trooping" costumes and weapons, but the cure time and 130.00 per gallon price are kind of prohibitive for me.

    Just call them and ask for the toughest resin the make and they should know what the model number and stuff is. :):thumbsup

  11. TK648

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    I will see how well the vytaflex from smooth-on works
    on the SST armor I am making.

  12. exoray

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  14. Gary Weaver II

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    Reoflex 60 tinted with So-Strong Tint would do the trick for "rubber" weaponry. Add some "kick it" and you can be pulling from the silicone mold in about 4-6 hours.

    If you want some reinforcement for a long rifle embed a 1/4" Dowel or 1/2" PVC Pipe.

    I use Reoflex for my Delorean Conversion parts. The film car has these rubber brackets which go around the outside of the car. Reoflex is perfect for the job and is easily tinted to black.


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