Hot Wheels Acceleracers Hyperpod RC cars [reference needed]


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I am asking this on multiple forums to see what I can find. I know this isn't the typical prop, but the community here on the RPF is the best I've come across so I wanted to ask you as well.

I am making some custom track and cars themed after Acceleracers. I am also planing to make hyperpods from the franchise that are remote controlled, for an extra fun factor. The issue I have is that short of spending anywhere from $50 to $150 each hyperpod I cant seem to find any decent reference. Sure I can grab images from the films and do it that way, but it's difficult to get a sense of scale and proportion. The ones in the films are more styled and I wanted to stick as close to the toy design as possible. So I came here to ask if anyone had some on hand that they could send me some pictures of in the orthographic fashion. Even better if someone knows where I can find schematics, or drawings. If not then I will just do my best with images from the film. Thanks!

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