Hunger Games trailer

Not sure the movies'll be good as much as I like post apocalyptic (and i take it this is a slightly PA series) but I might try the books.
Many of the plot points from the Hunger Games series are highly derivative, however the books really don't come off that way when you read them. There are enough original twists and turns, and creative spins that you don't really see it as any kind of outright theft of ideas.

While it may be similar to things like "The Running Man" or "Battle Royale," it probably has more in common with the TV show Survivor - and it's the characters and their desire for freedom and independence which really comes through. The "games" are simply action surrounding the drama.

I enjoyed the books. My 11 year old son and I read them at the same time. I'm looking forward to the films. The trailer looks like they are keeping true to the story and characters. Hopefully they don't tone down the violence. Lot's of kids dying at the hands of other kids.
I am really excited for the movie! I read all the books and I really enjoyed them. The trailer looks good. As for the casting for peter and gale, I say give them a chance, we haven't really seen them act yet, they might surprise us. Maybe we can discuss the wrong casting choices once the movie is in theaters, just my 2 cents.
I like what I see from the trailer. And it looks pretty true to the book. I devoured all three of them in less than a week. I hope they don't tone down the violence too much.

I'm pretty excited to see Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, Donald Sutherland as President Snow and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch!

And yes I already bought a golden mockingjay pin a few months ago! Bring on the Hunger Games!!
Where did you buy the pin?

There are two "official" pins that I know is by Scholastic and the other was given out at the SDCC by Lionsgate.

I got the Scholastic version on Ebay. I decided to get this version because it was it was closer to how I pictured it while I read the books. This is a picture of mine.
I've heard good things about this. Wish I could see the trailer, but I refuse to install Quicktime. If anyone wants to watch "Battle Royale" it's already been done, the first is good but there's a second one which is just a bunch of ****.
I just finished book one last night, is the movie covering all three books or just the first one? I love Sutherland for the president, but I saw Brendan Gleason as Haymich for some reason.
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